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This section contains news about the club, its members and items that may be of interest to railway modellers.

Moving Boxes

Hunt for a new home

After some 30 years in the same premises Tonbridge Model Railway Club (TMRC) finds itself in need of a new home. 

We have recently found temporary premises but these do not offer storage for our layouts so are not ideal.

Our new home would ideally be in Tonbridge with parking and public transport nearby along with a space to store our layouts and other modelling supplies (we have our own shed). We rented our previous venue.

If you can assist we'll happy to hear from you. (use the footer on this page or the 'contact us' section)

Printing Process

Stop Press

1. Open day 

The open day on the 28th May 2022 seems to have gone well with a good mix and number of visitors throughout the day. The sales stand did well and there were a lot less items for members to carry home afterwards :). A number of comments about the high quality of the layouts were received which are appreciated by the club and members. A few enquiries were made about the club and hopefully we'll see some new members as a result.

2.  Premises update 

After the unexpected sudden loss of Age UK's hall we have successfully found (yet another) alternative meeting place near by at Christ Church Hall in the High street. It's much larger than the Age UK one so we should be able to fit more layouts etc. at one time. Address details can be found on the Contact us page. 


Other News

  1. The second series about Hornby is available via UKTVPLAY website. Its well worth a watch. The site also hosts a wide range of real life series such as 'impossible railways' & 'secrets of the underground'

  2.  Several club layouts can be seen at 'local' exhibitions during this year.

Image by Giorgio Trovato


The annual modelling, photo and box file challenge competitions were held at our Christmas do this year (2022) with a range of interesting entries. Congratulations to the winners and well done to all who entered. Pictures of some of the entries can be seen on the 'Modelling' page in due course


This section contains specific events that are happening at the club or that the club is involved in. Items are members only unless stated otherwise.

Talks and events

Various dates (see below)


  • February 18th... Annual Exhibition

  • March 30th … The Col Stephens Railways by Doug Lindsay of 'The Col Stephens Society'.

Working nights

Various dates (see below)

  • (new) 00 Test Track and / or rolling road available by arrangement.

  • Jon’s new layout at Club … due most Thursdays

  • Beaminster Board(s) at Club … dates to be arranged.

  • Beaminster working day early 2023 date to be confirmed

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