Club Layouts and Member's Layouts

Club layouts:


The club has 6 layouts that are either under construction or operational. Currently, Westerham and Wittenden are both attending exhibitions and further details of both of these can be found on the pages for these layouts. 


Club layouts include:


OO Gauge Test Track (OO Gauge) Our OO guage club test track is designed with 2 loops of track and gives members the opportunity to run OO gauge locomotives at their own leisure.




South Brooms  (N Guage) A test track that can be seen operating most club nights. Like the OO layout, this test trsck gives members the chance to run N gauge locomotives around on club nights.



Beaminster  (OO gauge) Under construction at the moment, this new layout will evenutally be demonstrating frequent running. Based down in the West Country, the layout is of a U shape design and will have different gradients enabling a good variety of action.



Ashdown Park (OO Gauge) Also under construction, this layout is based on a Southern Railway heritage line. The layout will consist of a through station, located as a additonal stop on the Bluebell Railway.  

Member's layouts:


Stoating Bank.
Owner: Oly Turner and Chris Matthews
Scale: 4mm/OO Gauge
Available for exhibitions: Possibly

A compact layout portraying part of an NCB internal railway system in the early to mid 1970's, during the last years of industrial steam.

Further reading can be found in Model Rail issue 180 (April 2013)



Hobbs Hill.

Owner: Chris Bassett
Scale: 4mm/OO Gauge
Available for exhibitions: Yes

A busy through station set in the late 1950's on a former SR route in the west country. The layout is built with prototypical operation in mind, and is based on the trackplan of South Molton Road between Coleford Jct and Barnstaple.



Owner: Graham Bridge
Scale: 2mm/N gauge
Available for exhibitions: Yes
Layout Size: 9' x 2'
Exhibition Footprint requirement: 9' X 7'

A fictional junction station located on a secondary main line belonging to the Great Western and set during the 1930's.




Fiddlers End (Chrythorion Darfod).

Owner: Matthew Hopper
Scale: 2mm/N gauge
Available for exhibitions: Yes
Layout Size: 7' x 2'
Exhibition Footprint requirement: 7' X 6'
For enquiries please email:

Terminus of a fictional heritage railway, in the English/Welsh borders near to Oswestry on the Cambrian Railways. Most stock run on the layout is from the GWR and BR: Western Region, but visiting locomotives from other railway companies may appear from time to time.



Fairs End.


Owner: Perry Osbourne
Scale: 4mm/OO Gauge
Available for exhibitions: Yes

A fictional terminus set in modern times, backing on to a popular fairground. A variety of modern traction can be seen.

Wesli Mill.

Owner: Perry Osbourne
Scale: 4mm/OO9 gauge
Available for exhibitions: Yes

A freelance narrow gauge layout, formerly owner by TMRC and developed from a test track into the layout seen today.

Avon Junction.


Owner: Avon Junction Preservation Society
Scale: 4mm/OO gauge
Available for exhibitions: Yes.

Set during the 1940's on a cross country line in the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire area, the layout represents a typical GWR junction station. Through trains from the Southern frequently make an appearance due to wartime requirements. Originally built by club member Denis Pidgeon and subsequently sold to a number of club members who have kept it available for exhibiting.

The Beckley Tramway.

Owner: Dave Medhurst
Scale: 4mm/P4 Gauge
Available for exhibitions: No

Light railway terminus set in deepest East Sussex. The layout is based in the early preservation era.

Further reading can be found in Model Railway Journal No.108.

Exhibition Managers: If details of any club or members layouts are required, please contact the email address provided for Member's layouts or contact us at and your request will be sent to the layout owner or manager.

If you would like more details about the club, membership or our exhibition, why not contact us using the details below.

By phone: Call Jon Gettens, Club Secretary, on 01959 523 840

By email: The club email address is and your email will then be passed to the relevant person to deal with your enquiry.

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